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Vancouver's most high tech, immersive,
and story-driven escape room adventures.
Fully automated. Unlimited hints. Over an hour.

Behind Pandora's Locks are 3 rooms, each containing a different
immersive world of adventure and mystery for you to discover.

Gather your team of friends, family or coworkers, and prepare yourselves for an hour of cooperative puzzle-solving fun! Find the hidden clues, decode secret messages, work as a team and discover the secrets within.

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Adventure Awaits!

Escape Rooms at Pandora's Locks, Highest rated in Vancouver.

Some recent reviews from our customers...

My friends and I have been to a couple escape rooms and this is by far the best one yet!
So much thought put into the rooms and the story behind it. And lots of interactive components
that make you really think outside the box. Would recommend to anyone!!

- Michelle Elaine Lenaghan

The puzzles are challenging and entertaining with a real wow factor.
You can see that the owner and the designers invested a lot of thought and effort in
designing the rooms, and put a lot of effort into making the rooms a memorable experience.
I have done escape rooms all over the world and these rooms will have to be in my top five.

- Ron Bar-Tor

Tried out two of their rooms with two accomplished Escapist friends.
Solving the puzzles was addictive and challenging! Design and theme are all top-notch.
There is the added bonus of an hour time limit and not the standard 45 mins of other places.
It was also a nice touch to see the hints incorporated into the rooms and not human reliant.

- Randy Strad

Fully automated rooms with, electronic locks, audio recordings, and more made for a more immersive experience.
Staff was friendly and helpful. My team will be back.

- Dan Block

The best escape room to go to with friends! The riddles actually make sense and tie in with the room's theme.
I've done all 3 rooms, and they were all challenging and fun. Wonderland is a blast!

- Jenney Lin

I have played so many escape rooms in the Vancouver area and this is the best one
by a significant margin. You owe it to yourself to try this.

- Mike Dorval

Great variety of hands-on devices that are well-incorporated into the theme of the room.
Compared to other escape rooms around the lower mainland that I have tried, these rooms are
a cut above in terms of both sensible story line and sensible puzzles. Recommended.

- Richard Wong

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LOCATION: 405 Columbia St. New Westminster BC

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405 Columbia St. New Westminster BC
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Every day 2:00pm-10:00pm
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